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well, that didn’t take long

Posted by bremblebeck on August 29, 2007

This was previously blogged about, the amazing new low energy program algorithm called seam carving. Well, now you have to call it Adobe Seam Carving ©! I dunno what’s going on with our homeboy, Professor Shamir, but his buddy, co-inventor Shai Avidan just got picked up by Adobe. Here is an article about that stuff, I’m going to lunch.

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the groovy dancing girl strikes again

Posted by bremblebeck on August 27, 2007

Apparently, she’s called BandyToaster, which, taken literally, could mean that she circulates freely and heats things until they turn brown and delicious. I am cool with that.

Crush #367 : Groovy Dancing Girl

I‘d her a while back. She has done it again. She’s like a superhero.

…and here’s the original.

Also, for anyone who might want to know, BandyToaster is  crush #367 ; Veronica Mars is crush #102 ; zefrank is #56 and Christine is #01. Just for anyone that may be reading who wants to know. 



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‘I’m Not There’ trailer

Posted by bremblebeck on August 22, 2007

Sorry, but this is a must-post.

Okay, now back to your pointless waste of time.


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2008 iowa abc democratic debates – deceive, inveigle, obfuscate

Posted by bremblebeck on August 22, 2007

Who’re we kiddin’ here, folks? Did anyone ever think that this next election year is going to be any different than any of the others in recent history? C’mon! I was pretty naïve hopeful for the last two, but then I saw ‘Syriana‘, but then I kinda figured out the truth behind the two big parties: They’re all the same people! What it all really amounts to is who panders the best to the biggest constituency.
Watch the following and see how it’s done.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Transcript of the whole affair
It was understood amongst many that Dennis Kucinich came out on top, but now things are being re-spun. The ABC polls were deleted after the final tally came up with him as the sleeper hit.

It’s hard to know what to trust. Obama and Biden seem pretty straightforward, but that’s how it’s supposed to sound. On that note, Ron Paul has a lot of interesting things to say on the GOP side. Personally, I’d like to see Huckabee go up against Gravel. Mike Huckabee wants to abolish the IRS and Gravel wants to abolish everything else. If either of those two guys got into the White House, then I’d know whether actual change could happen, he’s just crazy enough.

All in all, it looks to be a confusing year coming up, plenty of hatchets and mud for everybody who can get some financial backing from the gigantic monopoly they choose.

No, not the dapper old man with a monocle.


The title of this post is an X-Files reference.
Yeah, I know.

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seam carving

Posted by bremblebeck on August 21, 2007

I’d this recently, but I hadn’t yet seen it in action. This is, in my humble opinion, bloody amazin’. Dr. Ariel Shamir is about to get riznich. I’ll bet he gets back at all those other kids from Temple that made fun of him when ‘The Little Mermaid’ came out.

[via neatorama]

They’re going to do this like they did ‘bullet-time‘ and You’ll be seeing this stuff in a big budget music video for Vitalic or Daft Punk in the next few weeks. Then a veritable deluge of car and sports drink commercials. Followed soon thereafter by a movie with Jet-Li, Xzibit and a cgi Aaliyah called something like ‘Throw y’Hands Up!’ based on a different film by Jet Li ten years ago called ‘Fist of Rupture’, only this time with, y’know, seam carving.

…and now, some Vitalic, just for grits and shiggles.

Also, you people get ready, I’m going to start living healthy. I’m going to commit to it for a week and then a month, and see if I can stop looking so much like a whiskey barrel and more like, well, Spiderman.
work out so hard, your thighs can speak – [link]

I will likely document the process, so’s I feel like I’m accountable for something.

Wish me luck.


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