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ignore this building

Posted by bremblebeck on November 11, 2008

ignore this building


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seam carving, shmeam shmarving

Posted by bremblebeck on October 3, 2007

diving.jpg diving2.jpg
bob likes the slow dive

About a week ago, I promised an update on the amazingly awesome-O resizing / seam carving tech news that’s been sprouting up since I first read about it and (re)blogged about it in August and also a few days later here. A comment to that same post linked to a website with a free downloadable app called Liquid Resize. I dl’d the program at home a fooled around with some wedding photos and was able to completely (as the man says) take people out of images and bring others together. Editing out the undesirables, if you will. It was so cool I called people and told them because I was so happy. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, my new computer, Illyria, went through some hard times and lost all her everything. Not to worry, she’s back up and even more powerful than before.* About a week laters, another comment arrived at the same blog post (the post-ers probably just searched the mighty Goog for “seam carving” , “resize” , “dude!” , “sweet!” , etc. and then posted comments where’er they could, but I’ll take it) linking to a site with a real-time, Flash-based seam carving app called, are you ready? Rsizr. Here are some screen caps of an image I found earlier this morning, before and after I Rsizr’d it –
mullet mike and phish phan phil had a special relationship…
…that developed into something more after dario left the group

Yeah, it coulda been better, but I don’t care, I’m having fun. You can join in the seam carving fun at the Rsizr app site, or you can try out the downloadable app from Liquid Resize [win32].


*You wanna know how powerful?
Pentium 2.6 Quad
512 video memory
neat-o looking case
plays ‘Oblivion’ by itself
hurts your feelin’s

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Photosynth / SeaDragon @ TED

Posted by bremblebeck on October 2, 2007

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First, it just blew my mind.
Then it blew my mind.


Sorry. Forgot to  add the [via].
That’s better.

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funny like, ‘ha ha?’

Posted by bremblebeck on September 28, 2007

They’re remaking this film, Funny Games. More precisely, the guy who originally made this film, Michael Haneke [article] is remaking it, with people that’ll make him money. Tim Roth, Naomi Watts and, er, Tommy Gnosis. I don’t know if it’ll be any good. Definitely doesn’t look like an upbeat film. I think he completely re-shot it. Like exactly. Either way, the poster’s awesome-O.

Here’s the original 1997 trailer –

Here’s the new one. I think he basically just English-ified it.

It’s an interesting note. Altho’ the film’s storyline implies a lot of violence, little is on-screen. Stylistically, it’s a real winner. Pick-me-up it is most definitely not.

Here is a link to Tartan Films’ site where the film is featured. Disclaimer : if you decide to explore the Tartan Films site a bit, don’t – and I’ll repeat this – Don’t check out ‘Taxidermia’. If you know anything about disturbing films like ‘Irreversible’ and ‘Gozu’, this one’s supposed to blow them all outta the water. That’s not a film for watching, that’s a film for setting down and backing slowly away from. Again, don’t pursue ‘Taxidermia’.


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well, that didn’t take long

Posted by bremblebeck on August 29, 2007

This was previously blogged about, the amazing new low energy program algorithm called seam carving. Well, now you have to call it Adobe Seam Carving ©! I dunno what’s going on with our homeboy, Professor Shamir, but his buddy, co-inventor Shai Avidan just got picked up by Adobe. Here is an article about that stuff, I’m going to lunch.

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