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gimme a hug

Posted by bremblebeck on November 7, 2007

Vodpod videos no longer available.
[via ze]

It’s not like I don’t get enough. I mean, c’mon- everybody loves me. But I can always use more.

I’m back from the East Coast and boy arm my arms tired?

Many happy returns to the 70+ / day of you that saunter by daily. Sorry, it’s been a while.


3 Responses to “gimme a hug”

  1. Dylan said

    I’m so naturally un-huggy… and now I feel unhealthy about it. Wonderful.

    I hug more now. Still, I hate that awkward ‘are we gonna hug?’ dance, so I sometimes avoid it altogether. Last person I hugged, other than Jenny, I stepped on their foot.

  2. So … are we gonna hug?



  3. Christine said

    I am not a hugger. I was hugged tons as a kid. I am not damaged, I just don’t like to touch people I don’t know. I have a personal bubble unless you are in my inner circle (I actually talk to you on the phone). Formality, people! I am asian, we bow to people, we don’t invite them to our home unless they are very good friends and when we do go to people’s houses we bring gifts, and if it’s cold/flu season we wear little mouth masks so we don’t catch colds or give our colds from/to other people. Blah. Also, I don’t understand the need for hugs when you are going to see them in a couple hours or even days. I think a good bye and a wave are fine. Now, if you were going very far away for a long time then a hug will ensue. Of course none of this applies to my husband who can hug me every second of every day I wouldn’t mind in the least.

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