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happy ‘Cephalopod Awareness Day’

Posted by bremblebeck on October 8, 2007

Today is global Cephalopod Awareness Day

…here are some fun facts :

  • cephalopod means “head-foot”, if you look at an octopus, etc. you’ll understand
  • cephalopods have hemocyanin in their circulatory system, utilizing copper based blood instead of iron, man
  • new species of cephalopods are discovered all the time, the number at approximately 1,200 right now, and eventually, a zillion
  • cephalopod eyes are among the most highly developed ocular sensory organs known today, except for the Terminator’s
  • in spite of this, they are believed to be more or less colorblind, like Adam Duritz
  • cephalopods camouflage and communicate with each other using chromatophores, pigmented skin cells, like Adam Duritz (psyche!)
  • the legendary monster, the Kraken, likely originated from actual sightings of Architeuthis, the Giant Squid or Whoopi Goldberg
  • it is widely believed that some cephalopods are highly intelligent, exhibiting complex problem solving skills such as:
    • ambush tactics
    • basic communication
    • opening a jar of mayonnaise
    • checking the jar for expiration dates
    • making egg salad
    • making egg salad with organic, free range eggs
    • lying to the census bureau
    • weaving
    • blogging

I hope this little blog post has been informative and fun for you, for more information on cephalopods, our hairless cousins, please take a gander at the video presentation below, because all joking aside, these li’l buggers rock my face off –


2 Responses to “happy ‘Cephalopod Awareness Day’”

  1. Dylan said

    How do you like these?

    I approve.

  2. I like ’em all.

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