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the awesome ‘Southland Tales’ trailer

Posted by bremblebeck on September 21, 2007

Click here for the first of the ‘Southland Tales’ trailers, by Richard Kelly, the dude who did ‘Donnie Darko’. Also, I knew there were a bunch of cool people in the cast, but I had no idea about the Lovitz.-

                  “First Andy Dick. Then, the world.”

That’s what the kids these days call sick.


More soon to come, including an update on the Seam-Carving phenomenon.

3 Responses to “the awesome ‘Southland Tales’ trailer”

  1. lolcat said

    i can haz apoca-lippsez?

  2. abunchofwordz said

    How funny — I scrolled through this pic a couple of times and didn’t even register that was him until I read what you had written.

  3. It is always good to read the words.

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