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Posted by bremblebeck on August 20, 2007

So apparently they want Kristen Bell on ‘Heroes’ as a possibly bad guy character type in this next season of ‘Heroes’. Okay, not as cool as if she was on ‘Lost’, but ‘Heroes’ can still rock my face on occasion. It had a pretty weak start and it still waffles a bit, especially when they let comic book writers do the dialogue –

At their worst, the dialogue on Heroes feels written
by a computer program designed to get a certain
number of ‘Heroes buzz words’ into every episode.
Start with liberal use of the word ‘choice,’ throw in a
few mentions of ‘destiny,’ don’t forget ‘the greater
good’ or the words ‘journey,’ ‘responsibility,’ or even
‘help.’ The dialogue is sometimes just too ridiculous –
my favorite this week was when, even in the midst
of everything he’s seen and with the awareness of
what’s to come in his city, Nathan said “Kidnapping?
That’s a serious accusation.” And the characters
behave so unbelievably sometimes – good examples
from this week would be how quickly Claire almost
capped her uncle in the head before his hands were
even hotter than a Lean Pocket or Thompson actually
thinking “Goodnight, Bennet” before he was about to
shoot him. No one thinks something that ridiculous
before pulling a trigger. Not even Eric Roberts.
[Brian Tallerico, Heroes: Episode 1.22 – “Landslide” via]

Exempli gratia:
Peter Petrelli walks into the room, his hands still pulsating with incandescent heat ray powers, from the heat ray that he just razed a building with after accidentally absorbing them from an incandescent heat ray man named Bob.
(looking at hands, glowing)
“My- my hands. They’re glowing incandescently with heat. I must’ve absorbed this power. But from whom? Let’s see, I just came in here from that other room where I accidentally razed that building to the ground using heat ray powers that I never had before. Not before I walked up to Bob, the guy with the incandescent heat ray powers and shook his incandescent heat ray glowing hand and felt my power to absorb other peoples’ powers being used. Maybe to absorb his? What have I done!”

Claire walks into the room, her head’s off.

“Claire! stay away from me! Somehow I have absorbed Bob’s incandescent heat ray powers and I can now,…heat ray things!…Claire, your head’s off!”

(putting her head back on, close up on it as it heals immediately, ominous music plays as this type of thing happens for the 42nd time this episode, she looks up at Peter in a creepy way)
“Save the cheerleader, save the world!”
(Claire disappears in a flash of, like, light or something cool like that. Peter Petrelli wakes up in his bed and realizes it was just a dream. This is also evident to the audience, nevertheless

“What? My…bed? I’m here at my apartment. It was a…dream? But…how?”

The future version of Hiro Nakamura walks into the room. We know it has to be the Hiro from the future, because he has long hair (hair grows with time and samurai training) and he wears a scowl that can only come from living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of the future and constantly fighting, I dunno, future earth cops or something.

“Hiro? You look different-”

“Mmm! Boys!”

You get the point.
Nevertheless, it’s still a fun watch, if you can turn your brain off and forget the obvious Watchmen theft of season 1 (or, for you kids that don’t read comix, ‘The Incredibles’)

BTW, I have very little faith in Zach Snyder. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and ‘300’ were fun to watch, but that was about it. The ‘Watchmen’ story is big on brains, which lends itself to a motif that, to present, Snyder’s work is all but rife with. Sadly, methinks it’ll be another ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’…Hammer & Tongs should’ve stuck with Brit-pop videos.

Here’s hoping Bell gets some rad powers. Other than the mystery solving ones.More later, including the Dems’ debate on ‘This Week’ from Snuffy in Iowa, along with some snarky yet concise commentary, when somebody finally YouTubes it.

“[Kristen Bell reveals:] I think I’m doing 13 [episodes] as of now. Technically, I’m on for the first half of the season, but who knows? I think I might be [staying longer]. Yeah, I do [have a power]. I have a really awesome power.[via SpoilerFix]

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