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no one expects the spanish inquisition

Posted by bremblebeck on August 17, 2007

Especially me. How did I not know about this film?

It’s coming in October. With Clive Owen. Who is a cool, cool cat.

Blanchett shaved her head for this role so she’d look like an albino Klingon. The guy who directed it also did ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘The Phantom Dudley’ starring Lily Allen. Yeah, that Lily Allen. Don’t believe me? She was a lady in waiting. Watch the movie again.

In other hopefully amazin’ movie news, feast your eyes on this shiznitobamslipslapslap

No Country For Old Men...Like 'Fargo' in TX
link to full size

That’s Nov 9th, buckaroo.[Official Site]


Moment of Zen?

3 Responses to “no one expects the spanish inquisition”

  1. Dylan said

    Every now & then I think, “when the hey are those Coens going to make another moobie?” Then I think about looking on the web to find out, then I realize I am at work or in jail or some other place where I can’t use the web for things like that (hence the texting when bored at work, as opposed to good, old fashioned e-mail)& so I just move on to thinking about a sandwich or something.

    So, you know… thanks for filling that void.

  2. mickie fickie said

    lets’ get milkfaced and hop like bunnies!

  3. jetgirl said


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