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lost on mars / mars on lost

Posted by bremblebeck on August 13, 2007

Well, I guess it’s just Kristen Bell, not Veronica Mars. That’d probably be the raddest crossover since ER and Friends(“God bless the chickpea…”). Either way, I’ll bet Veronica Kristen can solve the case of Dharma Dan the Hard-won Hermetic Hidden Hatch (too much alliteration? I’d better work on my sleuth genre)… [link] – and another [link], via cinemablend

yeah, she’s so cool, everybody else is just standing there- she’s leanin’!


Hopes dashed, rumor debunked. [link]

So this post isn’t a complete waste of your time, here’s some crossovers from the past you may remember:
Hercules / Xena – good
The Pretender / The Profiler – okay
The Simpsons / The Critic – good
Family Matters / Step-by-Step – bad
Family Matters / Fresh Prince of Bel Air – not as bad as you’d think
Family Matters / Full House – abominable
Step-by-Step / Beavis & Butthead – blasphemous
Step-by-Step / Dallas (by reference) – redeeming(ish)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air / Blossom – obscene
Transformers / G.I. Joe – spectacular
Seinfeld / Mad About You – okay
SeaLab 2021 / Aqua Teen Hunger Force – rad
Cheers / Wings – sufficient
Batman / Dracula – impressive
Tiny Toon Adventures / Animaniacs – humdinger!
Touched by an Angel / Promised Land – meh
Highway to Heaven / I Was A Teenage Werewolf – FTW!

“…and Tony Marshall, a tough, friendly enemy!”
Kills me.


5 Responses to “lost on mars / mars on lost”

  1. Christine said

    Don’t forget: Mad about You/Friends, Cosby/A Different World, Cheers/Frasier,and last but not least, Alvin and the Chipmunks/The Chipettes- gold.

  2. bremblebeck said

    And Happy Days / Mork.

  3. Christine said

    ooohh how could I forget! Buffy/Angel/Ripper- fantabulous!

  4. Dylan said


  5. jetgirl said

    You guys and your TV shows.

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